Dining at our restaurant means enjoying a veritable culinary experience: here, you will taste the typical dishes from Lake Garda, improved by the creative and innovative ideas of our chef. The results are stunning and lead to dishes with unique flavours that are a true treat for the palate. By us, every request and diet are satisfied, including vegan and vegetarian ones. Every dish is created to seduce and win your palate over, while the atmosphere reigning here is the perfect setting for romantic evenings with a stunning view over the lake. Let our maître and staff suggest the most suitable wine and help you with special requests, or just delight you with a laugh.
During the summer, Hotel Nettuno’s restaurant is available also for external guests.



An open and shady space, surrounded by bright geraniums – this is what we consider our breakfast paradise! Our terrace offers a large breakfast selection that wants for nothing. So you can have something different everyday or the same as at home. Just enjoy a dish from our “Small Menu” on our terrace. Here, you can also take a lunch break when you feel like it, without sticking to a time schedule. Every afternoon, we offer a different dish of the day – let us surprise you!



In the summer, what could better than a cool and refreshing cocktail? If there is still something missing – you do not have to give up sweets and savoury snacks, our bar offers both. We bring your favourite drink to the terrace, pool and the sofas inside the building. And you will always find a seat at the bar, too.


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